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Eye Care

Eye Care

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  • Eye Patch - Convex Shape (Non-Returnable)

    Eye Patch - Convex Shape (Non-Returnable)

    SKU 089200

    Place eye pad over one eye to block light, for cosmetic reasons or to protect an eye pad. One size fits all and it permi... 

  • Autodrop Eyedrop Dispenser - Not Returnable

    Autodrop Eyedrop Dispenser - Not Returnable

    SKU 089733

    Developed in England, in collaboration with the Royal National Institute for the Blind, Autodrop is an independent livin... 

  • Mindfold Black-out Mask

    Mindfold Black-out Mask

    SKU 698918

    This extremely comfortable face-mask will provide total darkness for sleeping or relaxing. An opaque black plastic shiel... 

  • Sleep Mask (Non-Returnable)

    Sleep Mask (Non-Returnable)

    SKU 698920

    A fabric covered opaque mask with soft padding around the nose that totally blocks out the light. The elastic band keeps...