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Emergency Help Dialer 911 II

picture of Emergency Help Dialer 911 II
Everyday Price: $149.95

Product Description:

A small wireless pendant carried in your pocket or worn around your neck signals for help from anywhere in your home. Five pre-programmed emergency telephone numbers are automatically dialed and a pre-recorded message is sent. For total peace of mind you or a loved one live safely at home while enjoying independence and security. No matter what happens in your home (accident, fall, stroke, heart attack, burglary or other unwanted events) Help at Hand™ is designed to dial the telephone numbers you select and send your emergency message. You choose the persons to be called and you record the message they receive. Simply pull the ring on the wireless pendant to contact the persons you choose to hear the message you record. Help at Hand just dials the phone for you. Silent dialing provides additional protection during a crime. Regardless of your age or disability, you can feel secure knowing you are never completely alone.


Product Features:
  • Five preprogrammed emergency telephone numbers are automatically dialed and a prerecorded help message is sent.
  • A blue call button on the pendant can easily be depressed activating a loud buzzer in the base unit that lets individuals within the home know help is needed
  • Ideal for Senior Citizens, persons living alone, and persons with disabilities.
  • No Installation Fee!
  • No Monthly Service Charges!
  • Battery back-up system keeps Help at Hand active for three hours after a power failure (included).
  • The pendant comes with its own battery. A 12-volt alkaline battery is installed that should last up to two years.
  • Silent dialing provides greater safety when a crime is being committed
  • Fourth number can be used to dial pager with provision for entering an emergency code.
  • 75 foot pendent to base range.
  • Simply plug the base station into an existing telephone line. Plug the telephone into base station.
  • The user chooses the numbers to be called and the message to be sent.
  • To operate, simply pull down on the small ring that is attached to the wireless pendent carried around the user's neck or in their pocket.
  • Includes: Base Station, AC power adapter, Pendant with battery installed, all necessary connecting cords to attach the base station to the telephone line.
    • ***Note: When ordering a replacement pendant be sure to include the serial number of your Help at Hand that should be located on the back of the unit.

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