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Induction Cook Top - Black

picture of Induction Cook Top - Black
Everyday Price: $89.95

Product Description:

Improve cooking safety and modernize your kitchen with induction cooking. Unlike traditional gas or electric cook-tops, the induction surface does not heat up. Only the vessel holding the food gets hot. To cook your food, induction heats through electromagnetic technology using magnetic cookware to generate heat. Stainless steel and cast iron pots work perfectly. The best way to see if your pan works is to stick a magnet to it. If it sticks, it will work for induction cooking. With induction cooking, you also conserve energy. Induction cooking enables you to keep an exact simmer and boil water much quicker. The flat-panel, touch-sensitive LED display is cutting-edge and sure to impress, while portability makes it easy to use anywhere. The induction cook-top is practical for anyone who is sight impaired because there is no flame or red-hot surface. The risk of injury is significantly reduced! You can feel good knowing that you have both modernized your kitchen and improved cooking safety.

Product Features:
  • auto shutoff
  • dual functions: cook and warm
  • 7 power settings (100/300/500/00/900/1100/1300W)
  • 13 keep-warm settings (100/120/140/160/180/190/210/230/250/280/300/350/390 deg Fahrenheit)
  • touch-sensitive panel with control lock
  • up to 8-hour timer
  • micro-crystal ceramic plate
  • automatic pan detection
  • LED panel
  • etl certified
  • voltage: 120v-60Hz
  • max power consumption: 1300W
  • dimensions: 11.81W x 14.17D x 2.48H
  • power range: 100 to 1300W
  • temp range: 100 to 390 Fahrenheit

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