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MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock

picture of MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock
Everyday Price: $34.95

Product Description:

Imagine having your own personal butler who notifies you on a daily basis to take your medication? Most of us can't afford a butler, but the MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock comes pretty close to the real thing! It allows you to set the clock so that a friendly voice notifies you that it's time to take your medication. For example, it might say "Good morning, please take your morning pills for the 20th." You can set it to notify you up to four times a day, and the friendly reminder will never let you down! It eliminates all your worries! The MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock's large digital numbers are easy to read. It features loud and extra loud sound settings and four colored buttons on top to distinguish each function. After the alarm sounds, you simply press the alarm acknowledged button, and it tells you when your next dose is due. The MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock is more than convenient, it's a necessity to your daily routine. Don't count on your memory to keep you healthy, rely on your own personal electronic butler!

Product Features:
  • measures 5"x1.75"x2.75"
  • 4 large colored function buttons
  • up to 4 daily alarms
  • large digital display of day, date and time
  • loud and extra loud settings
  • talking alarm
  • 2 AA batteries required (included)

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Item#  328009  MedCenter System (tm) Talking One Month Medication Organizer
The MedCenter System was designed by two sons to ensure that their father took his medication regularly. He is doing so now and you will also when you use this system. 31 individual boxes, each with 4 pill compartments sit in a frame. In the beginning of the month you can put the pills into each compartment. Each day you take out the box corresponding to that day. The talking combination pill reminder timer with 4 alarms and talking clock, either beeps or speaks, "Please take your pills" when the alarm goes off. Setting the alarms and time is straightforward and there is voice guidance. Entire unit measures about 7.5" x 7.25" x 10". Uses 2 "AA" batteries (INC).
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