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Front Pocket Rogue Wallet

picture of Front Pocket Rogue Wallet
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Product Description:

Sometimes great ideas come in unexpected shapes. The Rogue Wallet - the only wallet with a revolutionary curved edge - is designed to fit comfortably in your front pocket. Carrying your wallet in your front pocket is a great idea for several reasons. It alleviates back pain caused by sitting on a traditional wallet, and the wallet is more secure than when carried in a back pocket.

This black premium-quality leather wallet offers meticulous, detailed stitching with turned edges. Most importantly, the design of this wallet ensures that it is better for your back, while still being stylish and more secure, and it will last for years. The design opens at the top (the portion with the curved edge) like a standard billfold and allows the user to place money and receipts as required in a lined pocket. There are three slots for credit cards and behind these slots is hidden pocket in which you can store an additional 5-6 cards. It also has separate dividers for five denominations of currency to keep you organized.

The ID section has a thumb slide feature for easy use. The Rogue Wallet has the capacity to hold everything you need: driver's license, dollar bills, business cards, metro cards, etc. With a remarkably thin design, the Rogue Wallet measures 1/4" empty and 5/8" when holding typical items. Length is 5" from the fold to the tip and just over 3" wide. Opened, it is 10" long and dollar bills do not peek above the wallet.

  • curved front pocket wallet with 5 dividers
  • better for your back
  • safer for your cash


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