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Flipper Remote

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Product Description:

Featuring a sleek yet simple design, Flipper eliminates all the confusing buttons that are rarely used and keeps just the buttons you need. Use one remote for both your TV and your STB (Set Top Box) such as a cable or satellite provider's box. You can program in as many as 30 of your favorite channels. There are several easy set-up methods (code entry, automatic code searching, and a learning mode that receives the signals from your existing remote), so it will work with virtually any TV. This is the perfect solution to simplify your digital TV conversion, or for your new HD (high definition) TV and cable or satellite box. It's ideal for grandparents and kids.

  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (NI).
  • One Touch Power: Flipper is preset so that the on/off button turns on and off both the TV and set top box. It can be customized for other on/off options.
  • Easy Set-Up: Code entry, automatic and learning set up methods allows you to customize their remote. Preset to most Motorola set top boxes.
  • Sleek Design with Large, Simple Buttons: Sleek design fits comfortably in your hand, or set it on the table or chair arm. Channel and volume buttons work left to right -- click right for more volume or higher channel selection or click left for less volume or lower channel selection.
  • Favorite Channel: Flipper has an optional feature that lets you program up to 30 of your favorite channels. When activated, the channel buttons only scroll through your favorites, eliminating the need for guide and menu buttons. In regular mode, channel buttons operate all channels.
  • Eliminate Inadvertent Reprogramming: With an optional Locking Set Up feature, you can prevent inadvertent reprogramming of the remote control or TV and set top box.

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