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2X Full Page Magnifier on Legs With LED Light

picture of 2X Full Page Magnifier on Legs With LED Light
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Product Description:

The 7.8" x 10.5" magnifier is enclosed is a lightweight frame with retractable legs that hold the lens about 4" from the page. You can also use the enclosed neck cord to hold the lens over your hobby work. The 4 little lights brighten the working area to make it even easier to see whatever you are reading. Uses 2 "AAA" batteries (not included).

* Note: The batteries are installed on the underside of the lens, slide the first battery (negative/flat side) down the compartment tunnel and then the 2nd battery goes in with the positive (nub) side of the battery facing the visible spring.

* We do not recommend Duracell AAA batteries as they are a little wider and do not fit within this battery compartment as well.

May We Suggest

Item#  810236  SEE-TV 2X Aspheric Lens Binocular
The "SEETV" glasses will focus on objects from 10 feet to infinity with clarity on the enlarged image. The "SEETV" glasses are specially designed for watching TV. One can help to maximize the size of a TV screen and other objects with this easiest-to-fit binocular telescope system.

These glasses are also ideal for most other events and activities where a magnified image is desirable and helpful (e.g. sporting events, movies, theater and hobbies, etc.) These hands-free head mounted glasses provide a useful 2.1X magnification.

Each lens is individually adjustable by an easy dialing system which will allow for future site-changing conditions. The lenses are scratch resistant and come a cleaning cloth. There is a 12 month warranty against faulty parts & workmanship.

Please note: Rinse the lenses in warm running water before wiping or use special lens cleaning cloths. Do not use household cleaners or solvents.

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