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Milestone 312 Audio Device

picture of Milestone 312 Audio Device
Everyday Price: $449.00

Product Description:

Use Milestone 312 as your daily, portable companion and experience a new simplicity of digital support and entertainment that overcomes barriers. It represents a new generation of aids for visually impaired and blind people. Milestone 312 is furnished with a Voice Recorder, Music Player, superior Text to Speech voices, NLS-Audio Book Player, Clock, and Alarm. This unit can play and National Library of Congress books as well. Milestone 312 integrates enormous functionality in a small credit card size casing.

Voice recordings in high quality can be recorded with the integrated microphone or with an external microphone. You can listen to your records over the powerful built-in speaker or over headphones. The integrated music player plays all popular formats. Time-consuming conversions are a thing of the past. Text files can be played with Milestone 312 as well. With the built-in text to speech software from Acapela, Milestone 312 converts and reads text files. Of course Milestone 312 plays NLS books as well as other formats, including, Bookshare, and music from your iTunes Library. No matter what you are playing, Milestone 312 can increase and decrease playback or reading speed via several levels to conform to your tempo.

The following formats are already usable with Milestone 312: MP3, M4A, M4, M4V, AAC, WMA, WAV, TXT, DAISY 2.02, DAISY 3.0, DOC, AA/AAX (NLS, Audible, Bookshare, and iTunes). The following formats are planned or already under development: HTML, RTF, RFB&D.

Furthermore, Milestone 312 integrates in its basic version a clock and an alarm. Even more features can be activated with Software Extras you can buy optionally. Therefore, you can compose your Milestone 312 according to your needs and wishes.

Software Extras
Software Extras are available.

Add-Ons follow the same purpose as Software Extras. The hardware extras for Milestone 312 are plugged on the main device and enable a new dimension of applications. A color reader will start the Add-On product line.

New Firmware Release:
Milestone 312 is a powerful hardware with plenty of room for new developments. On the hardware components no compromises were accepted. Therefore Milestone 312 integrates the newest USB 2.0 High Speed connection and guarantees a rapid access to the computer.

The internal memory space has been increased up to 1GB and the external memory is expandable by a insertable SD memory card (currently up to 32 GB).

Milestone 312 contains a menu-mode available at any time. There you find besides an information service with announcements as time, date, battery status etc., a multitude of settings and functions, which will enthuse professional users. But also beginners will enjoy because of the easy handling.

Milestone 312 - The Facts
  • Capable of reading Microsoft .doc files, Bookshare and other daisy 2.0 and 3.0 providers, able to play music files from iTunes, M4A format, able to play M4 and M4V video files
  • Book player, voice recorder, music player, Superior Text-to-speech and alarm clock function.
  • Headphone & speaker output is very strong, loud and clear
  • Internal memory 1 Gigabyte = 26 hours voice recording
  • External memory SD card up to 32 Gigabytes = 46 days voice recording
  • Holds up to 6 voices / languages in parallel, downloadable from manufacturer homepage Available languages are: (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch.)
  • Weight 1.7 oz / 53 grams
  • Credit card size, thickness 0.55 inches
  • Variable playback speed with constant pitch
  • Battery runtime 16 to 20 hours per charge cycle
  • Plays formats MP3, WAV, WMA (non protected), AAC, TXT,, Daisy 2.02, ANSI/NISO Z39.86/DAISY 3.0, NLS, RFB&D*, NIMAS 1.1*, Bookshare*
  • Additional software can be purchased for an FM Tuner function with 12 presets, station seek and direct frequency entry
  • Alarm clock has 1 alarm to set
  • As many bookmarks as you want, per book
  • Sleep timer
  • Capable of Very fast USB 2.0 High Speed connection
  • More Add-Ons for M312 are the Color reader (Fame) & Barcode reader (Woodscan)

Included in Box:
  • Milestone 312
  • USB cable
  • wall charger
  • neck lanyards, (cloth and chain)
  • 2 GB memory scan disk
  • black case with belt loop
  • print manual

Please note: If any add-on is purchased and installed on a Milestone 312, the unit is rendered unreturnable since a software upgrade has been applied. ILA' s policy regarding software is such that no returns are accepted.

Additional Products

AGENDA for Milestone 312

AGENDA for Milestone 312
Software to keep your daily life in order (calendars, reminders, etc.).

Adapter Only for the Milestone 312

Adapter Only for the Milestone 312
AC adapter for charging the Milestone 312's rechargeable battery.

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