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SEE-TV 2X Aspheric Lens Binocular

picture of SEE-TV 2X Aspheric Lens Binocular
Everyday Price: $69.95

Product Description:

The "SEETV" glasses will focus on objects from 10 feet to infinity with clarity on the enlarged image. The "SEETV" glasses are specially designed for watching TV. One can help to maximize the size of a TV screen and other objects with this easiest-to-fit binocular telescope system.

These glasses are also ideal for most other events and activities where a magnified image is desirable and helpful (e.g. sporting events, movies, theater and hobbies, etc.) These hands-free head mounted glasses provide a useful 2.1X magnification.

Each lens is individually adjustable by an easy dialing system which will allow for future site-changing conditions. The lenses are scratch resistant and come a cleaning cloth. There is a 12 month warranty against faulty parts & workmanship.

Please note: Rinse the lenses in warm running water before wiping or use special lens cleaning cloths. Do not use household cleaners or solvents.

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Item#  247519  Moshi IVR Voice Controlled Talking Alarm Clock
Independent Living Aids is the Exclusive Authorized Distributor of Moshi products.

The Moshi IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Clock is an amazing, modern styled talking clock that is totally voice controlled. Once set, through voice commands only, the current time, the alarm time and sound, the sleep sound, and even the date, can be retrieved by just asking for it. "MOSHI" is fully voice interactive and can be operated without ever seeing the clock. The 12 commands can be asked and answered without even leaving the comfort of your bed! In addition to the indoor temperature announcement in either Fahrenheit or Centigrade, choose from 5 different backlight colors. To Activate Clock, simply say, "Hello Moshi."

Product Features:
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  • Select from 3 different alarm sounds; chime, chirp or bell
  • A sleep sound of your choice may be played for 5 minutes; water, birds or waterfall
  • Includes a nightlight and a "help" feature
  • Operates on AC/DC power (adaptor included) or 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Measures 7.5" x 3.25" x 4.5"
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