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Maggie MD Portable Electronic Magnifier

picture of Maggie MD Portable Electronic Magnifier
Everyday Price: $259.00

Product Description:

The Maggie-MD is a sleek, credit card sized electronic magnifier. Depending on your wallet or purse, you can slot a Maggie-MD in next to your credit card or bank notes. How about slipping one in your pocket? There is no other electronic magnifier like this anywhere. With 3.5 hours of battery time, you could find yourself checking or reading things for days without needing a re-charge. When it is time to re-charge, use any wall socket or even a computer, notebook, netbook or anything else with a USB port. The included overnight charger, slowly and fully charges your battery for extended life or you can be on your way with a partial charge in just minutes.
With two bright white LEDs you can see to read in a dimly lit restaurant or even in total darkness. Use the Maggie-MD as an emergency flashlight too!
Additionally, and especially for those with Macular Degeneration, the Maggie-MD provides white text on a black background for reduced glare.
If you are looking for the next generation of electronic magnifiers, look no further than the Maggie-MD.
Product Features:
  • 3.0 wide screen LCD
  • Brushed aluminum finish
  • Sharp, true color image
  • Grayscale for enhanced reading clarity
  • MD mode (white text on black background)
  • 4 levels of magnification: 4X, 6X, 8X, 11X
  • Two bright LEDs for use in dim lighting conditions
  • LEDs can be used as an emergency flashlight too
  • Image freeze, for close up review
  • 3.5 hour lithium-ion battery
  • USB charger cable included
  • Wall socket charger included
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Actual credit card size for amazing convenience
  • 55 x 88 x 12mm ( approximately 2.0 x 3.5 x 0.5)
  • 70g (approximately 2.5 ounces)
  • Acrylic Stand included

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