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The GameBook: Boomer Edition-8 Games

picture of The GameBook: Boomer Edition-8 Games
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Product Description:

NOTE: Note that not all games in The GameBook, Boomer Edition are blind-accessible.

Many of the same user-friendly features of the Aurora and Borealis Editions are built into the 8 games of the Boomer Edition: Work with Inspector Cyndi to solve the mystery of "Fall from Grace." Challenge your short-term memory, spatial skill, and hand/eye coordination with Orchestra, Slider, and Raindrops. Test your vocabulary with three fun word puzzles, and help Sandusky, the turtle, avoid his destiny as the alligator's lunch! The Gamebook series is designed so you can enjoy video gaming without the hassle of impossible-to-understand instructions. All games have an EASY BUTTON so you can start slowly and increase the challenge when you're ready.

Included Games:
The GameBook, Boomer Edition contains:
  1. Inspector Cyndi in Newport - Fall from Grace
  2. Slider
  3. Raindrops
  4. Orchestra
  5. Word Away
  6. Word Jungle
  7. Crambles
  8. Sandusky
Other Features:
  • no manual required
  • accessible to gamers who are blind, vision-impaired, motion-impaired, or deaf
  • games work with Windows/XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • made in USA
Product Features:
For the Blind
  • FREE on-board GameVoice™ SAPI self-voicing speaks text and controls
  • works with the JAWS screen reader
  • works with the ZoomText magnifier
  • background music can be turned off
  • installers work with JAWS
For the Vision Impaired
  • default text is 50% bigger than standard text
  • BigType™ text is 100% bigger than standard text
  • high contrast text is 250% bigger than standard text and uses Windows High Contrast colors
  • online help can be printed at the above sizes
  • GameVoice™ FREE on-board SAPI self-voicing speaks text and controls
For the Color Blind
  • no controls are color dependent
For the Deaf
  • all videos have optional subtitles
  • games are NOT sound dependent
For the Motion Impaired
  • no controls require multiple simultaneous keystrokes ("chording")
  • controls are large and accessibly spaced
  • works with Dragon Naturally Speaking™ voice recognition product
  • time-based games have a GameThrottle™ Game Speed throttle
Minimum System Requirements:
  • Windows / XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Pentium 166 MHz or faster
  • memory (RAM) at least 256 Mb
  • hard disk storage 100 Mb for the GameBook and 10 Mb or less for each game
  • screen resolution 1024 X 768 or greater
  • CD ROM or DVD if installing from CD
  • speakers and sound card if using JAWS or SAPI self-voicing

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