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Eye-Pal Solo

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Product Description:

The first, original camera-based reading and magnifying device. Accurate, fast and easy to use, SOLO has provided near instant access to print to thousands. This stand-alone device requires no special training and is ready to be used right out of the box. Enhance the Solo by connecting it to an external monitor or home TV to view items magnified. Weighing in at about 6.5 pounds it can travel with you anywhere.

The Eye-Pal SOLO enhances independence and enriches lives – because it enables anyone who is blind or visually-challenged to easily "read" the content of any printed text by listening.

Easy. Easier. Easiest.
Take SOLO out of the box, plug it in, place a document, book or newspaper on the base of the device and, within seconds, you will hear it read aloud. To read another document, simply replace the current document with a new one. The placement of the page does not matter, so you can turn your document in any direction. There are no manuals and no complicated controls; just simplicity, speed and accuracy.

Control reading by moving your hand.
Do you have to pause while reading? Just wave your hand above the page. Eye-Pal SOLO is so precise and responsive that the reading will stop immediately. To resume reading, wave your hand again and Eye-Pal Solo will continue from the correct word.

Product Features:
  • Instantly reads printed material
  • Easy, fast, and accurate
  • Starts reading automatically
  • Hand-motion activated
  • Lightweight – only 7 lbs. and 9"x11"
  • Ready to use right out of the box – no learning curve and no complicated controls

* Note: Due to the weight, size, or value of this product, a $35.00 additional shipping charge will be added to the final shipping amount of this order.

** The Eye-Pal Solo is drop shipped directly from its manufacturer. Delivery can take up to 2 - 3 weeks.

*** Note that, if returned, this CCTV has a 15% restocking fee.

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