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Voista Super Slim Portable Voice Amplifier

picture of Voista Super Slim Portable Voice Amplifier
Everyday Price: $149.95

Product Description:

VOISTA is a super light (10 oz. with battery), hands-free digital voice amplifier that provides the user with clearly amplified audio output.

The Voista Digital Voice Amplifier is the perfect solution for those who are experiencing significant voice loss or anyone who simply needs to amplify their voice including; lecturers, educators and anyone else speaking publicly in a corporate or private environment.

Includes carrying bag, stick microphone, headset microphone, stereo extension cable, shoulder strap, wrist strap, stereo cable, waistband clip, A/C adapter/charge.


- Super Slim Design
- 10 ounces (with battery)
- 3.4"(w) x 5.1"(h) x 1"(d)
- Multiple Applications
- Versatile Voice Amplifier
- External Speaker (mp3, Note PC)
- Mixer (Voice Amp External Speaker)
- Class-D Digital Amplifier
- Noise Free
- Distortion Minimized
- Energy Efficient
- Lithium-Ion Battery
- 3 Hours to Charge / 30 Hours of Use
- Hands-Free

By utilizing the Voista's waist or shoulder strap - or the convenient belt clip attachment, users have complete use of their hands while using the Voista.

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