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Hearing Aid Dryers

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Hearing Aid Air Blower
Item #: HA338
Helps keep earmolds and tubing clear from moisture, dirt and debris for clear, unobstructed sound.
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Dri Aid KIt
Item #: HA87
Here is a Dri-Aid big enough for any hearing aid or cochlear implant processor you own. Place your hearing equipment in the bag overnight, and it...more
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Dri-Eze Hearing Aid Dehumidifier
Item #: HA278
Moisture from normal, everyday use can damage your hearing aid and decrease its effectiveness. Keep your hearing aid working at peak performance by using the Dri_eze...more
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Siemens Stay Dri Jar
Item #: HA376
Place your hearing aid inside to remove harmful moisture and to keep your hearing aid in the best working condition.
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Dessicant for Dry and Store (3PK)
Item #: HA372
Replacement desiccant blocks for the Dry and Store System.
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Super Dri Aid
Item #: HA351
Moisture in your hearing aid can reduce sensitivity, shorten battery life and cause corrosion to its delicate internal electronics. Keep your aids dry with this convenient,...more
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Serene Innovations Renew Hearing Aid Dryer
Item #: HA539
Using gentle dry heat to remove moisture and condensation, the Serene Innovations Renew Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener can help keep your hearing instruments clean at...more
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Zephyr Travel Hearing Aid Dryer
Item #: HA357
Just like the Global system, the ZEPHYR is an extremely efficient dryer that will conveniently store and rejuvenate hearing aids during the night.
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Dry & Store Global II Hearing Aid Conditioning System
Item #: HA370
This extremely efficient dryer conveniently stores and rejuvenates hearing aids during the night.
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