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Replacement Battery for Clarity Amplified Telephones
Item #: 186271
Replacement battery for Clarity telephones. Compatible with the D603, D613, D613HS, and D613C amplified telephones. NiMH 3.6V
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Clarity Phone Ring Amplifier and Flasher
Item #: 812434
Amplifies the ringing to a very loud 95 dB and at the same time its bright light flashes.
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Inline Phone Amplifier by Ameriphone
Item #: 011413
Increases incoming calls up to 100 times (40 db). A Tone Selector makes it easy to distinguish between similar sounding words such as "chin" and...more
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Audible Ring Signaling Device by Clarity
Item #: 011412
This super phone ringer generates a loud ring to let you know when a call comes in. With adjustable volume and tone control, you will...more
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P300 Memory Helper Photo Phone by Clarity
Item #: 812450
Simply touch the picture of the person you wish to call and the Photo Phone dials the number for you.  Since it has 9 easy to...more
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Wake Assure Clock W/Bed Shaker
Item #: 835912
Its outstanding features include: 2 inch high bright red numbers and large easy-to-use buttons; a loud alarm buzzer with tone control and adjustable volume; a...more
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XLC3.5 Expanded Handset for XLC 3.4 Clarity Amplified Phone
Item #: 812523
The XLC Clarity Amplified Cordless Talking Phone (item #812521) now offers an extra handset to add to your base set so that you don't have to...more
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Air Switch F/RC-200 by Ameriphone
Item #: 063990W
This incredible air switch can control all functions of the Ameriphone RC200 amplified telephone by simply blowing on the air sensor.
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JV35 Amplified Phone with Jumbo Buttons & Braille
Item #: 186258
An outstanding telephone that satisfies the needs of both the hearing and visually impaired. This phone has jumbo buttons and braille.
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Clarity Professional XLC3.4 Cordless Amplified Talking Phone
Item #: 812521
Clear sound, simplified design, and superior technology are the foundation of the Clarity name. And now Clarity just unveiled recent enhancements. The basic features of...more
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Alto Plus 53dB Big Button CID Speakerphone
Item #: 812547
The AltoPlus™ 53dB amplified corded telephone with caller ID is the ideal solution for those with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss as well as those...more
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AlertMaster AL10 Visual Alert System
Item #: 835962
The AlertMaster AL10TM Visual Alert System monitors the telephone, doorbell, and various sounds and motion within its environment. It features an alarm clock, large...more
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Clarity Phone Combo Gift Set With Expandable Phone
Item #: 812501
The C4220 - 5.8GHz cordless amplified phone uses DCP™ technology and 50 decibels of intelligent amplification to make conversations louder and clearer.
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