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5X Sliding Pocket Magnifier by COIL
Item #: 6262-04
This 5X sliding pocket magnifier from COIL is an ideal carry magnifier. It is small and can be taken anywhere.
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2.5X Folding Magnifier
Item #: 454253
This 2.5X pocket magnifier goes wherever you go and is ready whenever you need it. Designed as a convenient aid for people who need to read...more
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4.5X Jumbo Magnifier / 3.5 Inch Lens
Item #: 363606
Observe on a grand scale with this extra-large magnifier, sized perfectly for small hands.
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2X LED Illuminated Bar Magnifier with 10X Bi-focal
Item #: 859019
This 2X LED illuminated bar magnifier enlarges several lines of print at once and includes a 10X bifocal for individual words that have been printed extra...more
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3X Illuminated Handheld Freedom Magnifier
Item #: 454516
The freedom magnifier is a new generation of magnifiers where you just pull the crank handle out of the side, crank it for one minute, and...more
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5X Aspheric Hand Reader 2
Item #: 454381
Ligjhtweight distortion-free optics in a convenient 2" lens.
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3X ZELCO FLX Tabletop Lumifier w/ 5X bifocal
Item #: 570285
This high quality optical grade 3X magnifying lens will assist you with your reading, sewing, arts and crafts, etc. The Lumifier FLX will last for approximately...more
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SEE-TV 2X Aspheric Lens Binocular
Item #: 810236
Maximize the size of TV screen and other objects with this easiest-to-fit binocular telescope system. These hands-free head mounted glasses provide a useful 2.1X magnification....more
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3X ila LED Stand & 3.5X  ila  LED Hand Magnifier
Item #: 905/3COMBO
This cost saving combo includes the 3X rectangular stand magnifier and the 2 x 3 inch 3.5X pocket magnifier.
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Miracle Mouse Electronic TV Magnifier
Item #: 859017
An affordable and simple to use video camera that works just like a computer mouse. Simply roll magnifier on surface and see enlarged copy on your...more
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2X Balmoral BookStand Clear as Glass Magnifier
Item #: 454654
This combination bookstand with a 2X magnifier is composed of durable lightweight plastic. The 2X magnifier enlarges the text, while it is supported at an...more
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