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Inline Phone Amplifier by Ameriphone
Item #: 011413
Increases incoming calls up to 100 times (40 db). A Tone Selector makes it easy to distinguish between similar sounding words such as "chin" and...more
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NoizFree Hook & Receiver Phone Headset
Item #: HED032
If you only wear one hearing aid, but would like to use both ears to listen to telephone conversations, try this innovative headset.
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ClearSounds 30dB Amplified Neckloop
Item #: 608506
Amplify telephone and cell phone conversations up to 30 dB without having to buy a special phone. This ClearSounds 30dB Neckloop Audio Amplifier is designed to...more
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Spokeman Personal Voice Amplifier
Item #: 608100
A very small voice amplifier that is useful for individuals with Parkingson's, ALS, MS, vocal nodules etc. to be heard in small group setting, in cars...more
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SLC Bluetooth Neckloop by LINEAR
Item #: 617400
The LINEAR Blue SLC is an assistive listening device designed to help people who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants with a T-Coil.
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