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ila Spring Grab Bag

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Personal Life Organizer In Large Print
Item #: 430975
This spiral bound booklet allows you to enter the most fundamental information about your personal history, your present life and your plans for your future life...more
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Bausch and Lomb Computer Screen Magnifier
Item #: 454486
An optical-quality 6" x 8" lens by Bausch and Lomb that magnifies the computer screen 1.75X and swings to the side when not needed. Not returnable....more
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High-Powered Greenwich Reading Glasses by LINEAR
Item #: 659352
The Greenwich™ reading glasses feature a classic round shape that appeals to the CEO in each of us. Take these frames to your eye care professional...more
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Sonic Baby-Cry Signaler
Item #: SA400
Sends a signal to a Sonic Alert Remote Receiver when your baby starts to fuss or cry. Must be used with a Remote Receiver.
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SALE PRICE: $28.95
You Save: 34%
Contemporary Day And Time Clock
Item #: 847646
Take a look at these attractive clocks that remind you of the day of the week and tell you the current time.
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SALE PRICE: $39.95
You Save: 20%
Bluesonic Bluetooth Cell Phone Dongle
Item #: SED102
Give non-Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones Bluetooth® capabilities with this thin dongle/converter. Simply plug this dongle into your moblile phone handset jack and create a Bluetooth® link...more
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SALE PRICE: $35.75
You Save: 28%
Corded and Cordless Telephone VoiceTester
Item #: 812433
The VoiceTester was specifically designed to demonstrate and compare the performance and features of corded and cordless amplified telephones. When you pick up the connected...more
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SALE PRICE: $49.25
You Save: 10%
Access 4 Alarm Clock
Item #: 835927
More than just an alarm clock, this item features a ring signaler, variable volume control and LED reading lamp.
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SALE PRICE: $52.00
You Save: 26%
ST150- 1 Line Business Phone
Item #: 812515
Model ST150 is a sophisticated amplified business telephone that can digitally adjust frequency-specific volume levels so that any user, especially those exposed to harsh noisy environments,...more
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SALE PRICE: $119.95
You Save: 29%

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