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Board Games

Board Games

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  • Po-Ke-No    (Board Game)
    Po-Ke-No (Board Game)
    SKU 363584

    Get together with your friends to play this fun, undemanding, yet stimulating board game. Up to 12 players from 6 years ... 

  • Chess Set
    Chess Set
    SKU 375000

    All wood tactile Chess board made entirely of authentic, genuine teak. The tactile playing board alone is breathtaking. ... 

  • Tactile Connect Four
    Tactile Connect Four
    SKU 188643

    This tactile Connect Four has holes in one color of the pieces so that those who are Blind or visually impaired can play... 

  • Connect Four
    Connect Four
    SKU 188643C

    This game has always been a family favorite. Its a classic game that kids can never get enough of and a sophisticated ve... 

  • Jumbo Braille Dominoes (Double Six)   (Raised Dots)
    Jumbo Braille Dominoes (Double Six) (Raised Dots)
    SKU GAM105

    Standard double six dominoes that have raised, tactile, black colored dots. Dominoes measure 1" x 2". Includes a black ... 

  • Oversized Wood Domino Set
    Oversized Wood Domino Set
    SKU GAM152

    Easy on the eyes, easy on the hands and fun to play. The 3.2" x 1.75" x .25" wood pieces are painted black with large wh... 

  • Designer Tic-Tac-Toe
    Designer Tic-Tac-Toe
    SKU GAM175

    Recessed squares help guide into place and securely hold the large X and O pieces on this wooden Tic Tac Toe board. Pie... 

  • Rummikub the Original with Braille
    Rummikub the Original with Braille
    SKU 188648

    The original version of this classic game includes the 106 tiles and 4 sturdy racks for holding them. The colors stand ... 

  • Freeze Up ! Talking Memory Sharpening Game
    Freeze Up ! Talking Memory Sharpening Game
    SKU 363491

    Two to eight players will have a hilarious time thinking of a name that belongs in the category they have chosen. For in... 

  • Pinochle Jumbo w/o Braille
    Pinochle Jumbo w/o Braille
    SKU 402823

    Large jumbo pinochle cards. Numbers measure 1/2" high. Standard size cards. 

  • Uno Cards with Braille
    Uno Cards with Braille
    SKU 127505

    Brailled Uno Cards. Standard Uno deck of cards that has been Brailled. Does not include the card tray and score pad. 

  • Marinoff Low Vision Playing Cards
    Marinoff Low Vision Playing Cards
    SKU 308250

    Designed by the ophthalmologist, Dr. Gerald Marinoff, to enable individuals with vision problems to more easily see the ... 

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