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  • Raised-Line Drawing Board
    Raised-Line Drawing Board
    SKU 126743

    A specially designed board that allows the user to write or draw on a regular sheet of paper and make the writing be ta... 

  • Chess Set
    Chess Set
    SKU 375000

    All wood tactile Chess board made entirely of authentic, genuine teak. The tactile playing board alone is breathtaking. ... 

  • Jumbo Braille Dominoes (Double Six)   (Raised Dots)
    Jumbo Braille Dominoes (Double Six) (Raised Dots)
    SKU GAM105

    Standard double six dominoes that have raised, tactile, black colored dots. Dominoes measure 1" x 2". Includes a black ... 

  • Designer Tic-Tac-Toe
    Designer Tic-Tac-Toe
    SKU GAM175

    Recessed squares help guide into place and securely hold the large X and O pieces on this wooden Tic Tac Toe board. Pie... 

  • Brailled Dice - Set of 2 Dice
    Brailled Dice - Set of 2 Dice
    SKU GB-28

    These large (.75 x .75 inches) dice have black tactile dots on a white background. 

  • 32mm Tactile Die ONLY ONE (1.25 inches)
    32mm Tactile Die ONLY ONE (1.25 inches)
    SKU GB-30

    This large (1.25 x 1.25 inches) die has raised tactile dots. Sold only as one single die. * Available... 

  • Dominoes - Large Size Ivory with Black Indented Dots
    Dominoes - Large Size Ivory with Black Indented Dots
    SKU 263900

    These very large dominoes have a high-contrast black on white design, and the dots are indented for tactual identificati... 

  • Oversized Wood Domino Set
    Oversized Wood Domino Set
    SKU GAM152

    Easy on the eyes, easy on the hands and fun to play. The 3.2" x 1.75" x .25" wood pieces are painted black with large wh... 

  • ILA Braille Playing Cards
    ILA Braille Playing Cards
    SKU 126778

    ILA braille playing cards are a regular-sized playing cards with Braille markings. Enjoy your card playing more with th... 

  • Crazy Eights with Braille
    Crazy Eights with Braille
    SKU 127204

    Brailled Crazy Eights card game. Features : reinforcement of decison-making, turn-taking, and ... 

  • BrailleBox
    SKU 127509

    The BrailleBox is an intricately carved teak board with 12 wooden pegs (each peg represents one of the dots in a regular... 

  • Shifting Shapes Puzzle
    Shifting Shapes Puzzle
    SKU 205408

    Try to line up all 3 of the same shape in a row. Great for young kids.  

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