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  • Classic Perkins Brailler
    Classic Perkins Brailler
    SKU 585360

    Perkins Braillers are the world's standard for Brailling excellence. Featuring adjustable margin stops, they will accomm... 

  • Perkins Smart Brailler
    Perkins Smart Brailler
    SKU 531269

    The Perkins Smart Brailler® is a wonderful newly designed electronic Brailler that makes learning to Braille easier ... 

  • 6Dot Electronic Braille Label Maker and Accessories
    6Dot Electronic Braille Label Maker and Accessories
    SKU 531259

    The 6Dot Electronic Braille Label Maker Kit is the perfect portable or desktop tool/sidekick for one to create high qual... 

  • BrailleBox
    SKU 127509

    The BrailleBox is an intricately carved teak board with 12 wooden pegs (each peg represents one of the dots in a regular... 

  • Pocket Money Brailler
    Pocket Money Brailler
    SKU 126553

    Place the bill between the two plastic Brailled strips and press the strips together. The denomination of the bill will ... 

  • Braille Labeler by ila
    Braille Labeler by ila
    SKU 126740

    Portable Braille labeler can accommodate .4 or .5 inch labeling tape. The upper rim of the dial is Brailled, while the ... 

  • Orbit Reader 20
    Orbit Reader 20
    SKU 521075

    NEW! The Orbit Reader 20 is a unique 3-in-1 electronic braille device and serves as a self-contained book reader, a note-... 

  • Taptilo Braille Instructional Device
    Taptilo Braille Instructional Device
    SKU 521071

    NEW! Taptilo is a new and innovative way to provide Braille instruction. It uses a combination of 9 removable, magnetic Brai...