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Cell Phones & Accessories

Cell Phones & Accessories

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  • Blue Freedom Bluetooth Amplifier
    Blue Freedom Bluetooth Amplifier
    SKU SED106

    The Blue Freedom audio amplifier sends sound directly from an audio device to a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid. The s... 

  • Blue Freedom Bluetooth Cell Phone Headset
    Blue Freedom Bluetooth Cell Phone Headset
    SKU SED108

    DirectLink's pioneering Bluetooth headset is here. Clipping comfortably to your clothes, this clever little devi... 

  • HearAll Cellphone Amplifier
    HearAll Cellphone Amplifier
    SKU 721136

    This HearAll Bluetooth Cellphone Amplifier pairs with your personal Bluetooth enabled cell phone and amplifies all cell ... 

  • InstaLINK Smartphone Alert Watch
    InstaLINK Smartphone Alert Watch
    SKU 856975

    Easily pair this wearable wristwatch to your iPhone or Android smartphone to receive vibrating notifications while using... 

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