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  • Ergo Vegetable Knife
    Ergo Vegetable Knife
    SKU 316040

    This Ergo Vegetable Knife is a useful tool for anyones kitchen. The soft feel molded plastic handle gives a firm, comfor... 

    $29.95 $21.76
  • Extra Battery for the TV100
    Extra Battery for the TV100
    SKU BAT143

    When your TV100 Universal Model Infrared System. When the battery begins to wear down, or if you like to charge one whi... 

    $19.95 $12.76
  • Microphone Accessory for TV100
    Microphone Accessory for TV100
    SKU MIC100

    Microphone Accessory for TV100 

    $52.00 $36.76
  • Geemarc Telephone Ring Amplifier
    Geemarc Telephone Ring Amplifier
    SKU 812445

    Never miss a phone call again with the AmpliCALL10! When your telephone rings, this telephone ringer indicator will ring... 

    $49.95 $32.76
  • Deluxe Ear Pads-Round
    Deluxe Ear Pads-Round
    SKU DB3251

    Round earpads stick to your telephone receiver and hold your hearing aid away from the phone. - prevents unpleasa... 

  • Neck Loop for Children with 13 Cord
    Neck Loop for Children with 13 Cord
    SKU 617750

    Neck Loop with 13" cord for Children with T-Coil hearing aids. 

    $50.00 $19.76
  • Access 4 Alarm Clock
    Access 4 Alarm Clock
    SKU 835927

    More than just an alarm clock, this clock, designed for the hard of hearing or heavy sleepers, features the following:... 

    $69.95 $37.96
  • Earobics Step 2 (Clinic Version) (Non-Returnable)
    Earobics Step 2 (Clinic Version) (Non-Returnable)
    SKU CD200-P

    This leading educational software program, available at three levels of skill, teaches listening skills with fun interac... 

    $329.00 $149.76
  • Sammons Preston Bariatric Transfer Board
    Sammons Preston Bariatric Transfer Board
    SKU SP883

    This sturdy Sammons Preston bariatric transfer board features perpendicular hand holes to make transfers easy and safe. ... 

    $100.95 $97.76
  • Magni-Specs - Magnifying Lens MS3
    Magni-Specs - Magnifying Lens MS3
    SKU 660204

    This ophthalmic quality lens on a frame can be worn alone or over eyeglasses and flipped up, out of line of sight, w... 

    $37.95 $27.76
  • 2.25X FlexiLens on Mini-Clip Bl./Chrome Bifocal 4X
    2.25X FlexiLens on Mini-Clip Bl./Chrome Bifocal 4X
    SKU 360101

    Strong oversized clip which can be attached to tables, workstations or desks secures placement Handsfree riml... 

    $29.95 $18.76
  • Bellman Audio Stethoclips
    Bellman Audio Stethoclips
    SKU SED119

    Designed to be used in conjunction with high end personal amplifiers, these stethoclips plug into the earphone jack of a... 

    $49.95 $28.76
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