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Door Bells & Door Chimes

Door Bells & Door Chimes

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  • Access 4 Alarm Clock
    Access 4 Alarm Clock
    SKU 835927

    More than just an alarm clock, this clock, designed for the hard of hearing or heavy sleepers, features the following:... 

    $69.95 $37.96
  • Doorbell by Alertmaster
    Doorbell by Alertmaster
    SKU 011422

    This is an extra doorbell that you may need if you have multiple doors and are hearing impaired. Compatible with the AM1... 

  • Simplicity Doorbell Signaler-Wireless
    Simplicity Doorbell Signaler-Wireless
    SKU HC400

    For use in homes without an existing doorbell. A wireless doorbell signaler that will work with any existing Simplicity... 

  • Simplicity Strobe Light Remote Receiver
    Simplicity Strobe Light Remote Receiver
    SKU HC418

    This remote receiver flashes, when any of the Simplicity transmitters sends signals to it, with a bright flash of its bu... 

  • Simplicity Doorbell Signaler - Wired
    Simplicity Doorbell Signaler - Wired
    SKU HC402

    For use in a home with an existing doorbell. - flashes a connected lamp when doorbell is rung. - transmits ... 

  • Sonic Door Bell and Telephone Signaler
    Sonic Door Bell and Telephone Signaler
    SKU SA800

    Signals a ringing doorbell, intercom and telephone with a connected lamp. Designed to work with most doorbell systems, a...