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Telephone & Ringer Amplifiers

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  • Audible Ring Signaling Device by Clarity

    Audible Ring Signaling Device by Clarity

    SKU 011412

    Individuals who are hearing impaired love this super phone ringer because it generates a loud ring to let you know when ... 

  • Inline Phone Amplifier by Clarity

    Inline Phone Amplifier by Clarity

    SKU 011413

    This ingenious product for the hearing impaired increases incoming calls up to 100 times (40 db)! A Tone Selector makes... 

  • Geemarc CL-1 Telephone Ringer/Signaler

    Geemarc CL-1 Telephone Ringer/Signaler

    SKU 608502

    The Geemarc Ring Alert lets you know that the phone is ringing with a bright flash and very loud ring, and has an attrac... 

  • ClearSounds Portable Phone Amplifier WIL95

    ClearSounds Portable Phone Amplifier WIL95

    SKU 608504

    UltraClear Sound-Clarifying Technology allows you to shape sound to match your hearing needs. This in-line telephone am... 

  • Clearsounds Amplified Neckloop (Non-Returnable)

    Clearsounds Amplified Neckloop (Non-Returnable)

    SKU 608506

    This ClearSounds 30dB Neckloop Audio Amplifier is designed to be used by people using hearing aids that are equipped wit... 

  • Loud Ringer Light Box FC-5683-2

    Loud Ringer Light Box FC-5683-2

    SKU 608508

    This affordable phone ring amplifier at 95 dB is line powered and has a bright LED indicator to alert you to your teleph... 

  • Geemarc Telephone Ring Amplifier

    Geemarc Telephone Ring Amplifier

    SKU 812445

    Never miss a phone call again with the AmpliCALL10! When your telephone rings, this telephone ringer indicator will ring... 

  • Serene Portable Phone Amplifier

    Serene Portable Phone Amplifier

    SKU 812452

    With an improved acoustic coupler that hugs the handset speaker more tightly, feedback and squealing are virtually elimi... 

  • Clarity - Portable Telephone Amplifier

    Clarity - Portable Telephone Amplifier

    SKU 812471

    The Clarity CE225 telephone handset amplifier, featuring Clarity Power technology, makes sounds not only louder, but als... 

  • Beetle H-2ST Audioboot (Non-Returnable)

    Beetle H-2ST Audioboot (Non-Returnable)

    SKU HED069

    The BEETLE H-2 ST AUDIO SHOE version offers an unparalleled level of clarity. The user can use it with a cell phone to i... 

  • Phone Strobe Flasher

    Phone Strobe Flasher

    SKU PS11

    This compact, affordable strobe light has a powerful flash to alert you to a ringing phone. - bright, built-in st...